What's New History
archives of the What's New section
What's New History 2008
March 21 - Version 3.2 has been released.(Download)
This version has been updated with an important fix. Games menu didn't work after Eclipse R3.1
What's New History 2003
November 3 - Version 3.1 has been released.(Download)
This version has been updated to the new Eclipse R3.x platform. It won't work with previous versions of the platform: 1.x and 2.x.
January 3 - Version 3.0.1 has been released.(Download)
Some users have reported problems with Sokoban (in version 3.0) on Linux platforms. It seems there was an encoding problem when serializing some objects which has been fixed in this version. The fix has changed the way level's information was stored, so that info will be reseted when this new version is installed. Sorry for the inconvenience.
I am thinking to develop a migration tool which converts the old format into the new one (let's see how many people ask for it in the forums).
January 1 - Final version 3.0 has been released.(Download)
December 28 - Version 3.0M4 has been released.(Download)
November 25 - Version 3.0M3 has been released.(Download). It includes a new game: Sokoban.
September 24 - Version 3.0M2 has been released.(Download)
September 17 - Need your help to translate the games.
I have prepared the project to be i18n. But I need help with the translations. The game is in English by default, and currently I have just the Spanish translation (do you know where I come from?). I am interested on Portuguese, French, German and Italian. But any other language is welcomed. If anybody can/want help, please let me know and I will send him the files to translate. Thanks in advance.
September 17 - New Game Development links added to the resources section.
September 13 - Version 3.0M1 has been released.(Download). It includes a new game: Minesweeper II.
September 10 - Eclipse-games 3.0 plan posted.
September 7 - Final version 2.0 has been released.(Download)
August 31 - Version 2.0M4 has been released.(Download). Please, send me your feedback to improve the product before I release the final 2.0 version next week.
August 22 - Version 2.0M3 has been released.(Download)
August 14 - Version 2.0M2 has been released.(Download)
August 11 - Projects and Resources sections have been created.
August 7 - Version 2.0M1 has been released.(Download)
August 7 - Downloads, newsgroups, support, bugs and requests sections have been created.
August 5 - The first files of the web site have been uploaded and versions of code from the original project has been moved.(Download)
August 4 - This project is created!