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About eclipse-games project

Welcome to eclipse-games
The goal of this project is to provide several games as plugins for Eclipse IDE from the project. The plugins are well integrated in the IDE environment and provide amusement for development community.

This project was started to prove the concept about Eclipse extensibility under another Open Source project within, but after some time I decided to start my own project dedicated exclusively to games using Eclipse.


Minesweeper ()
The goal of Minesweeper subproject is to implement the famous Minesweeper Game as an Eclipse extension.

Minesweeper objective is to locate all the mines within a minefield as quickly as possible without triggering any of them. If you uncover a mine, you lose the game.

Screen shots:

Minesweeper screen shot 1   Minesweeper screen shot 2   Minesweeper screen shot 4

Snake ()
The goal of Snake subproject is to implement the famous Snake Game as an Eclipse extension.

Snake objective is to get a snake eating eat as much fruit as it is possible. But be careful, the snake can not touch its body or walls.

Screen shots:

Snake screen shot 1   Snake screen shot 2   Snake screen shot 3

Minesweeper II ()
The goal of Minesweeper II is to cross (from left to right) a minefield without triggering any mine.

Screen shots:

Minesweeper II screen shot 1   Minesweeper II screen shot 2   Minesweeper II screen shot 3

Sokoban ()
The goal of Sokoban is to move some boxes to specific places. Boxes can not be moved if there is no space for a man to push it.

Screen shots:

Sokoban screen shot 1   Sokoban screen shot 2   Sokoban screen shot 3

The goal of Tetris is to join lines to prevent the space filling up.

Under study......

The goal of Tron is to make your opponent (a snake), to bang against its body or a wall.

Under study......