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In this page your are going to find tens of useful links to related information like: white papers, books, other projects, etc.... If you think an important link or resource is missing, please contact the webmaster.

Eclipse main site. downloads. technical articles.
The SWT component is designed to provide efficient, portable access to the user-interface facilities of the operating systems on which it is implemented. Detailed information about developing applications with SWT and porting SWT is available here.
The PDE project provides a number of views and editors that make is easier to build plug-ins for Eclipse. Using the PDE, you can create your plug-in manifest file (plugin.xml), specify your plug-in runtime and other required plug-ins, define extension points, including their specific markup, associate XML Schema files with the extension point markup so extensions can be validated, create extensions on other plug-in extension points, etc. The PDE makes integrating plug-ins easy and fun.
Eclipse plugins directories
Eclipse Plugin Central (EPIC) offers the Eclipse community a convenient, information-rich portal that helps software developers find open source and commercial Eclipse plugins, tools, and products that enhance the entire software development life-cycle.
A categorized registry of eclipse plug-ins, created by Urbaan.
A French language directory of eclipse plug-ins, by improve-technologies.
A commercial directory of eclipse plug-ins used by the Crionics Team.
A community based website dedicated to Java and Java IDEs.
Ready for IBM Rational software Plug-in Central.
The source for Java Technology.
Tutorials and short courses.
IBM developerWorks (Java Zone).
Games Development
Forum about Games development with Java.
Game Developers Java Users Group
Java Games Community.
Java Games Development Center.
Books about Eclipse
The Java Developer's Guide to Eclipse
by Sherry Shavor, Jim D'Anjou, Dan Kehn, Scott Fairbrother, John Kellerman, Pat McCarthy.

Eclipse is a world-class Java IDE, a platform for building and integrating application development tools, and an open source project and community. Written by members of the IBM Eclipse Jumpstart team, The Java™ Developer's Guide to Eclipse is the definitive Eclipse companion. Drawing on their considerable experience teaching Eclipse and mentoring developers, the authors provide guidance on how to customize Eclipse for increased productivity and efficiency and how to avoid common pitfalls.
Eclipse in Action: A Guide for the Java Developer
by David Gallardo, Ed Burnette (Contributor), Robert McGovern.

Eclipse is a new open-source, Java-based, extensible development platform designed for nothing in particular but everything in general. Because of its roots, it is currently most popular as a Java integrated development environment (IDE). Eclipse ships with plugins for writing and debugging Java code. Additional plugins for more advanced Java development, such as JSP/servlets, are available from third parties.
This book provides a thorough guide to using Eclipse features and plugins effectively...
Eclipse: Step-by-Step
by Joe Pluta

While Eclipse may very well be one of the greatest breakthroughs in programming since the graphical user interface, this book may be the greatest breakthrough you will experience in learning a new programming environment. The systematic, step-by-step approach will get you started in the least amount of time possible, and will give you a tremendous foundation to propel you into the future of programming.
Eclipse Modeling Framework: A Developer's Guide
by Frank Budinsky (Editor), Timothy J. Grose, David Steinberg, Ellersick, Stephen A. Brodsky, Ed Merks

Not published yet.
Contributing to Eclipse
by Kent Beck and Erich Gamma

Not published yet. Download last draft (03-Jun-2003).
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Books about developing games with Java
Developing Games in Java
by David Brackeen

If you already have experience programming games with Java, this book is for you. David Brackeen, along with co-authors Bret Barker and Lawrence Vanhelsuwe, show you how to make fast, full-screen action games such as side scrollers and 3D shooters. Key features covered in this book include Java 2 game programming techniques, including latest 2D graphics and sound technologies, 3D graphics and scene management, path-finding and artificial intelligence, collision detection, game scripting using BeanShell, and multi-player game engine creation.
Java 1.4 Game Programming
by Andrew Mulholland, Glenn Murphy.

With the release of Java 1.4, it is now possible to develop more advanced computer games using the Java language than ever before. Java 1.4 Game Programming focuses on the technical aspects of game programming using the latest release of Java, beginning with an introduction to the Java programming language and building upon that knowledge by exploring the key elements required to develop games, such as graphics, input, sound, and networking. Features new in Java 1.4, including full-screen exclusive mode, new graphics features, and NIO networking, are also covered.
Java 2 Game Programming
by Thomas Petchel, Andre LaMothe (Editor)

With the power of today's personal computer, game developers no longer need to rely on low-level "tricks" to write computer games, Increasingly, object-oriented programming languages, such as Java, are being used to create cutting-edge games. Java 2 Game Programming gives you an inside look at how Java can be used to create powerful gaming applications more quickly and easily than ever before. With topics ranging from Java basics for newbie Java programmers to advanced coverage of animation and scene management, this book has it all. Put your new skills to use as you create a fully functional 2D game development engine and sample game. Get ready to take your programming skills to the next level as you master the concepts that you need to create the hot new game of tomorrow!
Advanced Java Game Programming
by David W. Croft

Not published yet.
WebSphere Studio
WebSphere Studio Workbench (WSWB)
WebSphere Studio Site Developer (WSSD)
WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD)
WebSphere Studio Application Developer, Integration Edition (WSAD-IE)
WebSphere Studio Enterprise Developer (WSED)
WebSphere Studio Device Developer (WSDD)